How To Choose A Nice Kitchen Knife?

There is no uniform provision on the evaluation criteria of knives. Generally speaking, they are measured by sharpness, hardness, retention, hand feel, practicability, etc.

  • Sharpness

A sharp kitchen knife can perfectly lock moisture and nutrition, will not squeeze the cell wall and destroy the structure of food itself, and can retain the best freshness of food materials. Whether meat or fruits and vegetables can retain the original flavor. The kitchen knife with low sharpness will compress the cell wall, resulting in the loss of water and nutrition, and poor taste.

  • Durability

Blade durability is the second condition for a good knife. Not only must it be sharp, but it must also be “long-lasting”, otherwise you will worry about frequent sharpening. The durability of the blade has a lot to do with steel and heat treatment, such as M390, VG10, Japanese AUS-10 and other steels have good durability.

  • Hardness

The hardness we usually say refers to the hardness of the blade. (The hardness of the blade does not have any meaning. For the blade, the important thing is toughness.) This is the principle that "good steel is used on the blade". The blade is too hard and will easily become brittle and Break off. This is the common saying "too rigid and easy to fold". The common ordinary kitchen knife is slightly harder. It is very easy to roll the blade. It needs frequent grinding and is not enough for daily use. Historical experience tells us that the hardness is 60. -62HRC is better.

  • Handle feel (comfort)

As the saying goes: "A good car is used to drive" and a good knife is used to hold it. No matter how sharp the knife is, no matter how good it is, it must be held in the hand. Therefore, the material of the knife handle is particularly important. Ordinary kitchen knives Generally used steel or inferior quality wood is not only easy to slip, but also easy to mold and get stuck. And those good knives are generally made of high-quality logs such as olive wood and ebony wood, which are not only comfortable in the hand, and not tired for a long time, but also because of the characteristics of the material, they will not be moldy.

To sum up, the author suggests that according to the daily cooking needs, choose a knife with high cost performance. You don't have to be superstitious about the high price of the knife, and don't buy the cheap but poor quality. In fact, our Seiko Knives is good. Welcome to buy.

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